I Love Wednesday

Written by mperry on September 26th, 2011
Hello again from Brazil! This Sunday we had branch conference. It was pretty neat, the bishop rented a bus for all our investigators and for everyone who needed a ride. We had a lot of people at church, everybody invited less active members, friends, and family. There were some really good speakers too.
Last P-day I tried to make Brigadeiros, a great chocolate treat they have here, for the first time on my own. It started out well, and was going pretty good, but I ended up burning them. We’ve spent the last week trying to get the burnt mess out of the pot. But its almost all out. The problem was that my companion asked me if I knew how to tell when they were done, and I said no. So he said, well I’m going to take a shower, they should be done by the time I get out. And they were. Very well done. But it was a good learning experience at least.
So we have been teaching a lot of people, and there’s some good news about our investigators. I can’t remember if it was last week, and if I already said something about it, but we went with Solange and Claudio to the marriage office and marked their wedding. They’re going to get married Oct. 8, and baptized Oct. 9. Elder Heaton is sad because its not until after transfers, so we don’t know if we will be here still. We also have been teaching Eduardo more, and his whole family is excited about his baptism. They’re all going to church this Sunday, and we will keep teaching them and see if any more of the family will join. Eduardo is already wanting us to teach his aunt, so hes excite for us to teach his family. They’re really great people, its just that they haven’t been to church yet, only Eduardo. But at least this Sunday they will go for the baptism. Well, I will write more news next week. Tchau tchau!
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