Another Week Gone by!‏

Written by mperry on October 12th, 2011

This week has been pretty good. Jardim Paulista is part of Hortolândia, close to Monte Mor. It’s right next to Campinas. I think. I wrote a letter for Mateus in Portuguese last week, I just need to send it now. I haven’t gotten any letters from Uncle Carson yet, but I did get a bunch of letters from the Wilkersons and the package from the Young women. It was kind of funny, Cheyenne Wilkerson started her letter to Elder Spencer. I hope he isn’t going to get a letter to Elder Perry. I think the letters might have been a little late too, because it said that it was accidentally shipped to India. The address was wrong, they wrote to Capinas, but it got to me anyway. I still think that some people have the wrong email address for me, because lots of people like Carolyn, Susan, and Jared have said that they wrote emails to me, but I never get them. The package from the young women had little twix minis, some snickers peanut butter minis, Pop tarts (YES!!!), dried apple slices, raisinets, a little water bottle, and a bunch of letters. I shared the apple slices with some investigators, and they loved them. It’s fun to remember back when I was running cross country. We don’t do tours in the chapel, but we can anytime we want. It’s always open to us, (we have keys) and the other day we had a wedding there. We gave some tours to nonmembers who went. Solange and Claudio, who have been investigating the church for a long time and wanting to get baptized, finally got married this last Saturday. It was great. Solange is going to get baptized this Saturday, and maybe Claudio, but he has some drinking problems. I took a bunch of pictures at the wedding, but I don’t have my camera today. I just keep forgetting it. Its funny to look at my self now and when I was in the MTC.  I’m a lot tanner, and a little bigger. I’ve gained like twenty pounds, but I’m still skinny. It’s like twenty pounds all over me, so you can’t really see it. I am starting to get a little bit of a belly because of eating so much rice, so I’m going to try to eat a little less and do more sit ups. My pants were starting to be a little tight, but it’s back to normal now. Well, I can’t really think of that much more to write, I might write more to you later. It was great to hear from home, I’ll write more next week!

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