Written by mperry on October 26th, 2011

Hey Mom! I get my letters once a month, so it wouldn’t do any good to send them separately. I did get the letter from Carson, and the ten dollars that were inside. I am taking pictures, I just always forget my cord to hook it up to the computer. We baptized Solange this last weekend, now we just need to help her husband with his drinking problems and he can be baptized too. He already said he really wants to. It’s good to hear that Connors growing up, its going to be so weird to see everybody when I go back. Two years is a long time, especially to growing teenagers. I hope Adam will get better soon, I’m praying for him. Well, not much other news this week, except that my legs got really sun burnt today, and they really hurt. It would be great to have aloe vera, but by the time you guys sent it, it would already be healed. I’ll see if I can find some here. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and will always put on sun screen when I’m playing soccer. We had a barbeque today, and it was really fun. Alright then, I’m going to shower, and maybe nap for the rest of my  pday. Oh ya, did you know that because of the time change, We’re now seven hours apart? You guys gained an hour, we lost one. I’ll write more next week. Love you mom! Tchau!

Wow, Tanner looks a lot like dad. And they both look really tired. It’s hard to tell how long it takes to get a package, because I only get them once a month. I think it’s somewhere between three to six weeks though. It’s weird to me to that I’ll be 20!

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