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Written by mperry on October 26th, 2011

I got the Halloween package today, and at exactly 3:00 today I got the letters from you guys. It was awesome to see Matheus´s writing in Portuguese. I still need to send my letter to him. Not much happened this week, we found another baptism for the fifth this next month, so that’s at least four we should have (fingers crossed). There are lots of Brazilians there in Salt Lake too. It’s so awesome that now I basically have a sister in Germany and a Brazilian brother. Everythings going great here. I had an idea for the Thanksgiving package today. I would be very thankful if I got double stuff oreos and pop tarts. And whatever else you guys want to send. It was great to read your letters today, and that package has some awesome stuff in it. Thank you! I can’t wait to see you guys again, not too much longer. I’ve only got a little more time before I hit a year! Talk to you next week! Love you mom!

Don’t have much time to write today, we spent our pday in Campinas and we just got back. My sunburn went away a couple days ago, but now its starting to peel. Did you know there’s a Mormon running for president again? His name is Jon Huntsman, and he served in Taiwan. I’ve learned how to make rice and beans Brazilian style, so I will be eating them for the rest of my life. I love Gaurana and I can see how Matheus misses it. I got the Halloween package and the letters from you guys today. It was kind of sad that I didn’t see a letter from Jordan in there, maybe I didn’t see it, but it would make sense since he’s not home anymore. Well, can’t wait to hear from you next week! Tchau!

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