Halloween 2011

Written by mperry on November 2nd, 2011

The only thing really exciting that happened this week was that we had a typhoon Saturday. Every one calls it a tempest here, but it was pretty cool. We were in our house, and I had just taken a cold shower to cool off, when there was a bunch of banging around that came from the top of our house. So we looked outside and there was crazy wind blowing, dust and garbage flying everywhere. Then it started to rain, and the wind blew it sideways. We could hear trees breaking, thunder booming, and all of a sudden the power cut out. We grabbed our flashlights, and just watched through the windows. It was sweet, it was so dark and there were still people on the street, running and trying to find cover. I feel bad for the sisters in our zone, who were filling up the baptismal font in the chapel when the storm started. So they had to stay in the chapel until 1130 at night. The power was out in the morning, in almost the entire city. The church didn’t have power either, but we had to get to a city close by to do the baptism for the sisters. When we got back for sacrament meeting, the power was back on. All around town there were trees lying in the street, garbage everywhere, parts of peoples houses hanging off. We lost a part of our roof, when we woke up it was in the neighbors yard. Our kitchen was full of water, and because here in Brazil the showers are electric, we had to take cold showers. It was pretty exciting though, and I slept really well even though the storm was so loud. Well, I just thought you could put this in the blog, its the most exciting thing that’s happened in a while. But the work is going well, and the mission is passing by really quickly. At the end of this transfer, I’ll have 9 months!

Thanks for writing, until next week! Tchau!

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