November 16th

Written by mperry on November 21st, 2011
I completely forgot that they are the Titans there now. I remember going to the Indiana branch, it would probably be easier for me to understand now. Thats how it always starts learning another language though, you just learn more and more words until that you can understand everything. The new car sounds pretty cool. Gas is extremely expensive here by the way. I though it was cheaper because it’s 2.89 a liter, but then I learned that a gallon is three and a half liters. So we’re actually pretty lucky. Imagine paying for gas three times what your paying now. I really want to see Chelsee’s little boy. Mom will probably tell me in her email, but whats his name? Its not to hot here right now, when it gets really really hot here, like it was a few days ago, we get a couple days of rain right after. I remember a member telling me about a time last year where it rained for fifteen days straight. It might have been even longer, I dont remember exactly. So this last Saturday we baptised three people, Messias, Rosi, and Kelly. Messias and Rosi have known missionaries for four years, and have been slowly investigating since then. Messias is extremely curious, and wants to know everything, but he’s also really stubborn. He finally decided that the only thing he could do to progress and learn more about the church, was get baptized. His wife decided to get baptized too. Kelly has been going to church for a few months, but never thought she was ready to get baptized. So we had our zone leader do an interview with her, she passed, and he told her she was ready. She didn’t show up at the baptism on time, so we went to get her, and her shower had broken so she was still fixing it. She told us to pass by in half an hour and she would be ready. We ended up having to do two baptismal services, but it was worth it. Elder Heaton made brownies. Monday we visited Solange and her family, recent converts who really love Elder Heaton. They were really sad he was leaving, everyone bore their testimony and told him how glad they were that he had passed through this area. Then yesterday we went to transfers, and my new companion is Elder Coelho. I don’t know him that well yet, but he seems pretty cool. I will send an email next week with more about how its going with my new comp. He’s brazilian, and now there are three Brazilians in the house, so I’m hoping my Portuguese will get better.
I cant even think of fire or hot chocolate. It’s so hot here. The last few days have been a little rainy, but it’s still warm. For the Brazilians it gets cold here, but for me its always hot.  I’m glad I’m on the mission. I still have vitamins, I forget to take them every day though. Other than that, there’s a recent convert girl here, Luara, who wants to know what foreign exchange student program you guys are doing. She wants to go to the states to study, and she was thinking it would be neat if she went to our house. By the time she did the program I would already be back from the mission though. She’s 19, shes going to take an English course this next year, and she wants to learn it so she can go to an English speaking mission. I forgot to charge my camera, so I will have to send you pictures next week. I will send a bunch. I think I have changed a lot from the last time you saw me, I’ve gained weight, I’ve tanned a lot, I think I might have even gotten taller. But I guess you would be able to tell me if I look different better than I could.  Transfers were good yesterday, it was pouring rain when I had to take two of Elder Heatons three extremely heavy bags to the bus stop, and when we got to the bus station where we do transfers, the escalator was out, so I had to drag the bags up the stairs. But it was neat to see Elder Motta and a bunch of my other mission buddies. My new companion is Elder Coelho (Portuguese for Rabbit), and the two other elders in our house are Elder Bastos, Elder Santos and Elder Nogeira. Nogeira is being trained, he just got here from the MTC. I dont know a whole lot about them all because I just met them yesterday, but they all say I speak Portuguese really well. I’m hoping that I will get even better with three Brazilians in the house.
Well, I will send you some pictures next week. Another thing, do you think that when you guys come to Brazil we will stay at Matheus´s house? I know its a little early to start planning, but there are tons of people who tell me any time I wanted to visit Brazil I can stay at there house. So we will always have somewhere to stay at.
Tchau until next week!
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