November 9th

Written by mperry on November 21st, 2011

I’ve never actually seen mac and cheese here, but I hear they have it in some stores, but it’s expensive. The mac and cheese Elder Heaton has he got in a package from home for his birthday. I have no idea what I want, just whatever you can think of. I’m so tired constantly, but we’re so busy I usually forget how tired I am. Elder Heaton is sick, a combination of a cold and allergies, so his brain isn’t working either. Its funny when he talks and he cant even say what he wants. The temple was great, we got there a little late because of the bus, so we missed our session, but we were witnesses for the baptisms they were doing. It was really neat, and really reminded me of all the times I went to the temple for baptisms. Seeing the picture of Tanner reminds me a lot about when I was in cross country too. I’m glad to hear the uncle Adam is doing better. We had another laid back week, so I don’t have to much to write, but we have baptisms this weekend and transfers next Tuesday, so I’ll make sure to write a ton to you guys about it. I’m super tired, we played a lot of basketball last p-day, and then Monday morning we played basketball for our exercise. It was really fun. Today we are going to play a little more, maybe some ping pong too, and eat some mac and cheese. Our gas ran out last p-day, so we didn’t get to make it. But I think were going to call the gas guys soon so we can start using our oven again. Anyway, I will write to you next week, love you, cant wait to see you guys again, Tchau!

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