The New Year

Written by mperry on January 23rd, 2013
Hahaha, thats awesome. This district has been around forever, they use it to train new missionaries, but I didnt know they started showing it on tv. We actually have it on dvd at our house. We’re supposed to use it for training and district meetings and things. Most of the missionaries I see on there arent very good though, it more shows what not to do. There was one where they taught the law of chastity, but they didnt explain it well enough because the guy thought he wasnt supposed to go on dates or even talk to girls too much. Its kind of funny.
I can think of one story where i really felt the spirit and saw it help people. We were at an investigators house, and the woman really liked to talk. She would interupt us every other sentence, and her kids were running around being noisy. It wasnt turning out very well and I though we would just finish, say a prayer and then leave, but then we got to the first vision. As soon as I started, all the kids stopped running and sat down on the couch, the woman stopped talking completely, and it got really quiet in the house. The feeling of the whole family changed, and I could tell they felt the spirit there really strongly. It turned out to be a great lesson, and the whole family ended up being baptized. It was really cool.

Well, good luck with the snow, its kind of the same here. Our car slips and slides, and there have been a few times where after we got out of an appointment our doors and windows were frozen shut. Nothing else too exciting, hope that story helps! Write you next week!

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