Week 3

Written by mperry on January 23rd, 2013
I still think its pretty crazy that Grandma is getting married. And
Wade too. The only thing I could think of for a package would be
rubber bands. I think it would almost be easier just to put money in
my account, since I can buy anything that I need here. Not a whole lot
to write this week, though weve been pretty busy. Ask jordan about
what happened with me and the goat. Everything here is pretty much the
same, just easier because Im already used to the culture and
everything. Its also nice that I can find snacks easily and cheaper
than brazil. I cant remember what I wrote about last week. I try not
to think about home, I even have a rubber band that I put on my wrist
and snap myself if I start to get trunky. I just have to not think
about how much longer I have, just focus on what Im doing. Then it
will be over in no time. Well, I will write you next week, good luck
with the pool.

Love you, Elder Perry

P.S. I might be interested in visiting hawaii when I get back.

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