Written by mperry on March 20th, 2013
I know what you mean, this month has gone by really fast so far. I was thinking about doing my general studies at Spokane Falls or something like that, while I figure out what I want to major in. I might even be able to drive there and car pool with Josh if hes still going. I’m just not 100% sure what I want to do yet, and I don’t want to waste money or time.
So yesterday we had dinner with Brother Shelton, who served in your mission. It was really cool because they invited the Cartwright’s over too, and Brother Shelton made South African curry. He has some curry spice that he got from south africa, it was really spicy but also really tasty. Him and Jeff Cartwright talked about the mission the whole time, but Brother Shelton served from 84-86, so he was¬†already married¬†by the time you guys were there. I don’t think my companion liked the curry a lot, he doesn’t do well with spicy and he was in the bathroom for a long time last night. I really liked it though, and it reminded me of your curry. I also told them that you made that yellow rice and they said they hadn’t had it for years.
We’ve gotten some good referrals, but we still mostly do tracting. I think my legs are bigger now than when I was in my last area, I don’t get as sore as I did when I first got here. We still walk a couple miles every day, and it kind of reminds me of walking around Brazil, so I don’t mind.

Well, I don’t have anything else to write about, but I will write again next week.

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