Written by mperry on April 22nd, 2013

Its been really crazy weather down here. I got transferred to Wyoming, but I was stuck in Colorado until yesterday. I’m now in Laramie Wyoming, which is a college town, and it reminds me a lot of Pullman. The weather is a lot like Montana, but I like it. From what I’ve heard its really nice here in the summer, it doesn’t get too hot, but it stays around 70-80 degrees. I’m training again, so I will be here for 2 transfers, and then I will have only one left. So I will be here as the weather starts to warm up. Its really nice and sunny outside right now, but the wind is blowing enough to make it pretty cold. I guess the wind blows around here all the time though. We are just going around getting to know the area and everyone, since I got swept in again. An elder who went home gave me his bike for free, so Ive been using it. I feel like I can walk and bike all day without getting tired, but I don’t feel like I’m in great shape. We live in an apartment so we have some pullup bars and weights that I can start using. We live with two other missionaries, one who just finished being trained and one who was in one of my other districts. Its pretty cool. Well, I will get to the library on Monday, and I’ll take some pictures of Wyoming to send you guys. Bye!

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