Jay’s visa did not come through before he left so he flew to the Provo MTC to begin his mission.  His electronic visa application came through the day before he left , so we hope it won’t be to long.   He is very excited to be going to Brazil.  On the day Jay flew to Provo 6 other missionaries flew out from the Spokane airport-5 of them going to Brazil!  He was able to fly with his friend Merrill Lines from Spokane who will also be serving in the Brazil Campinas mission.

4/14/11-Jay got his Visa today!!  He will fly to Brazil on Monday 4/18.

email:  jay.perry@myldsmail.net

His Address:

Elder Jay Calvin Perry

Brazil Campinas Mission

Rua 10 de Setembro, 38


13023-100 Campinas - SP